Laserforce Gen 6 System for sale

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Laserforce Gen 6 System for sale

Postby Laserforceuk » Wed Sep 17, 2014 10:08 am

Peterborough Laserforce has recently upgraded to the new Laserforce Gen7 system, so the previous Gen6 system is now available for sale.
The system is fully operational and includes 18 Battlesuits, Arena Radio system, Arena entry auto activation, 1 target, Basic PC including monior
The system is currently in storage and being used at the Northampton Laserforce arena. Additional details about the system can be obtained from

The is available as either a basic Zaptag system (£10k) or as a full Supernova system (£15)
Additional items for the supernova system would include an upgraded PC, additional target, charging system, barcode readers for arena entry and members kiosk and 17" monitors, plus installation if in the UK

A software license (which includes technical support) would be required from Laserforce, depending on system type between £1 and £1.5k pa

The battlesuits do show wear and tear and some will require new batteries, particularly after storage

Serious enquiries should initially be sent to
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Re: Laserforce Gen 6 System for sale

Postby Entity » Sun Nov 09, 2014 5:58 pm

Hi Martyn,

Any room for negotiation on the price?

I'd be interested in getting hold of 12-18 packs (full version) but we wouldn't be using it in a "for profit" environment.

We have a non-public tournament arena at Bradford and use it for a) messing around with friends and b) practicing for Armageddon. We have some DarkLight, Quasar, Runner and Blast packs in there already and hopefully some Quest packs are on the way soon. Our lot would love some Force packs to practice with too.

Second hand lasertag packs normally go for £120-£200 per pack - sometimes a bit more if they are in great condition - but bearing in mind you say they show wear & tear and we'd need to get new batteries for them all, £833 per pack is way outside the going rate.

Also, bearing in mind we aren't using it in a public environment and wouldn't need technical support - paying an annual licence fee would be something we couldn't really justify. The last time I spoke to Len (albeit a few years ago) he did mention a fee-free non-supported licence (no upgrades, tech support, etc...) was an option. Is this still the case?

As for PCs, etc... we wouldn't really need them, as we have more PC hardware kicking around than I can poke a stick at - as long as we can get the software and some install instructions.

Anyway, if we can agree on a price (and the licence issue) I'm sure that we (myself and my UKA team mates, who would be funding it, rather than going through my business) would be interested.

Alternatively, if you get fed up of having it in storage, have a look on facebook at the West Yorkshire Lasertag Sanctuary - I'm sure they would love to give the equipment a new forever home and the TLC that it deserves.

Let me know what you think.

Regards, Paul.
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Re: Laserforce Gen 6 System for sale

Postby Laserforceuk » Thu May 26, 2016 10:33 am

This Laseforce system is no longer available, was installed in 2015 and has been running in the Wolverhampton area.
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